Welcome to Cigale

Un dernier mot,
It is with mixed emotions that I have made the decision not to renew our lease for another term. Cigale Cafe will be giving way to a new establishment. We will be vacating our space at the end of October.


Let me start by thanking all of you who have patronized the restaurant,
giving us a chance to provide you with an enjoyable experience. Cigale
Cafe was a success; it has brought us many friends, and forever lasting
memories. I am especially grateful for all of the return customers we are
fortunate to have had, and the loyalty all of you have shown.

Even though our business has grown steadily each year since we
opened, I find that the operation of this type of restaurant has become
unsatisfying. Don't get me wrong, I love what I do, I was able to maintain
the a style of cuisine I believe in, I don't mind the long hours, and I am
very pleased with the reputation we have earned serving this community.
Unfortunately, the difficulty of finding committed employees (thank you
Miguel for being the only one left from the opening day staff), dealing
with the constantly increasing cost of quality products, of insurance
premiums, of energy costs, of rental space, and of employee liability has
risen to an alarming level. Adding on a social media boom that needs
a full time person to master and manage, at time enticing unrealistic
customers expectations, the "NEW" overall landscape of the restaurant
industry has dimmed down the passion, interest, and motivation I once
had to own and operate a full service establishment.

It is a timely, healthy, and welcome step down for me, and I am excited at
the prospect of what the future holds.

I want to take this opportunity to thank the individuals without whom this
enterprise would have not been possible.

I begin with two long time friends, whom have been religiously
frequenting my various restaurants since 1996, but more importantly
whom have provided me, and especially my son Matthew, with support,
generosity, and guidance over the years. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Miller
for trusting me as a person, my abilities as a chef and as a restaurant
owner, and for your understanding and patience.

I conclude with Dona, I will never be able to thank her enough for the
instrumental role she played in this venture over the past 5 years. From
the countless hours she has invested in starting this project, helping
designing and furnishing the interior, creating the logo, various menus,
our web site, to the time spent constantly researching new trends
and creating new promotions. I am amazed at the commitment she
demonstrated to the operation of Cigale. Her presence at the restaurant
was a true lifeline for me, being a gracious talented host, always ready
to offer a helping hand whenever needed, as well as my link to "the
front of the house". She was able to incredibly juggle her new unknown
tasks while sustaining her own extremely demanding, successful career.
As if that wasn't enough, I have benefited the most from her generosity,
which indispensably enabled Cigale to overcome the many unexpected
hardships of the last five years. Merci Dona.